About us

“I'm a man of simple tastes. I'm always satisfied with the best.”
Oscar Wilde

At Wardpower we’re not serious people, but we are serious about ensuring our customers’ critical projects are done properly.

No hitches, corner-cutting, cowboys or problems.

Simple, right?

We’re bespoke-solution experts
We have bags of experience doing the jobs that others won’t or can’t. And because extraordinary is our ordinary, you get a bespoke solution complete with a satisfying off-the-peg pricetag.
We’re real manufacturers
Everything is built at at our Sheffield headquarters in the UK. We are not an agent or re-seller, and we don’t buy in other people’s sets and adapt them.
We’re completely independent 
We steer well clear of strategic alliances and supplier tie-ins. This is because we want to be able to select from the widest base of products and materials to best meet the needs of each and every project.
We hire the best people
We don’t simply employ Generating Set people who know how to manage a project or commission a set. On the contrary we employ the best specialists in their fields who have learnt to apply it to generating sets. By way of example all our Project Managers are fully Health & Safety qualified before being allowed to do any job (IOSH or NEBOSH).
We don’t hire salesmen
Our Project Managers are experts and nice people so we let them be involved in every stage of a project. We let them tender a job, design it and (often) even commission it so that when you speak to your contact(s) at Wardpower you know that person knows what they’re talking about, knows how to do the job and isn’t there to separate you from your money.  
We do it properly
Our success is down to our reputation and our reputation comes from never cutting corners. When people asked us to start ‘uninstalling’ generating sets we didn’t turn up with two likely looking lads and a van (like some of our competitors). Instead, we became licensed Waste Brokers and Carriers, and did the job properly.
We put the customer first
We always aim to give more than expected. A lot of what we do is technical and demanding, which is why it’s especially vital we work with our client to fully understand the project - and that they can trust us to deliver upon our promises.