WARDPOWER Projects Director in Kite Flying Incident!

Well not really but it was too good an opportunity to miss! What she's actually doing is assisting (in a very physical way as you can see) in the arrival of a new WARDPOWER Generating Set for a National Grid site in Scotland. The unit is a 910KVA stand-by set built to NG's demanding specifications and engineering processes. The unit features amongst many things a 72hr on board fuel tank and an integrated fully rated load bank. Vicky was instrumental in the sale of this project, which was heavily based on WARDPOWER's ability to manage complex site integration projects where continuity of supply to the customer is not just King but Queen, Jack and Ace too. There is no truth at all by the way that Vicky stood there for 7 hours because someone told her it would blow away if she didn't keep a very, very tight hold. There is also no truth that it has triggered PTSD from losing a balloon as a small child.