There’s an awful lot more to WARDPOWER than Generating Sets!

We can size Generating Sets for clients, develop specifications, assess tenders, perform grading studies, manage the projects and manage the commissioning. And it doesn’t have to be on a Generating Set or even our Generating Set. The level of expertise of our staff is such that we offer the skills that we have to the clients that need them, wherever they need them. No coincidence then that many of our largest clients also retain us as consultants on all their Generating Sets or LV Power System works.

We have unrivalled experience in the design of the wildest variety of Generating Set applications including unattended duty sets, CHP installation and multi-set installation, as well as all manner of stand-by power applications. To quote our late Managing Director, Keith Marshall ‘if you want it painted pink and hung from the ceiling, we can do that too!’

One of the myths with sizing a Generating Set for say a hospital MRI scanner, is that some suppliers will tell you they need to be around x2.5 bigger than the load you actually require. That’s because suppliers of ‘standard’ Generating Sets have matched engine/alternator combinations but in reality this can cost more than sizing to suit the site. In some cases, significantly over-sizing the alternator to ensure a very low ‘transient’ so that the client’s equipment isn’t disrupted when the Generating Set comes on line, is a much simpler option. Whenever we perform sizing studies, we work from the client’s view of what they need and advise accordingly. What we won’t do is tell them what our nearest size Generating Set is and they can go lump it.

But we don’t stop there. If it’s a new Generating Set integrating into existing switchgear, we can design and retrofit time delay circuits into the LV Board to ensure everything works together, whilst ensuring all essential loads are supported. If it’s an extension to the existing main LV incoming board, along with a new Essential Services board and re-configuration of all site loads to ‘essential’, we’ll do it. And if the Generating Set and LV equipment are all working fine but the fuel system needs a complete overhaul to increase autonomy and/or bring up to current regulations, well we’ll do that to! We’ll also provide a full design pack and when we say ‘full’, we mean it. Every calculation, cable sizing, amended drawing, down to the design risk assessment – we’ll give you the lot. We may not be the most serious people in the world but we’re serious about what we do and we do it right.

And if it’s MV or HV you need? No issues there either!