Finlay’s Tea Plantation


Scottish Tea Company, James Finlays Ltd (Glasgow), had the for need Natural Gas Driven Generating Sets for their plantations in the Srimangal area.

Having first agreed the scheme in principle a team from WARDPOWER Sheffield HQ travelled to Srimangal to undertake a site survey. If you think Sheffield roads are “challenging” then the 12 hour road trip from Dacca, much of it over dirt tracks and pot holes would certainly provide a new perspective but then on arrival we were told that the station physio was on leave ….ouch! 

This scheme design was 2 off 1013KVA WARDPOWER gas driven Generating Sets installed at the Deanston and Rajghat sites.

Each Generating Set consisted of a Perkins 4016 Gas Engine coupled to a Marathon alternator mounted on a common base frame, attached to a Control Panel.

The Generating Set receives fuel from a gas fuel train which is mounted on the Generating Set skid. The whole thing has more meters and protections than you can imagine!

The heat from the Generating Set exhaust is recovered into the jacket water circuit using an exhaust gas heat exchanger, again mounted on the skid. This is then the fed to a remote upright radiator where the whole of the jacket water circuit heat is then removed for tea drying.

The Generating Set is equipped with a lube oil make‐up system that automatically tops up the engine oil as required.

Easy right? Once the site visit was done the design was finalised and build could start. Now although these Generating Sets were very specific to the site environment and what they needed to do, they were fully assembled and tested at our works in Sheffield. We have a dedicated gas testing system for Generating Sets up to 2000KVA, and are well versed in getting this kind of equipment to do what it’s supposed to. It was dissembled, packaged into shipping containers and transported to site. 

The same WARDPOWER team met the Generating Sets at site to undertake installation of the entire scheme. Every aspect had to be considered as nipping out for that bit of SY cable and handful of bolts you’re short of just wasn’t an option. Once complete, commissioning could then be done and the entire scheme was put into operation just 2 weeks after arrival.

This project was proof not only of our design capabilities but also that if normal is not what you need, then you’ve found the right people.

Project in Brief:

  • Site Survey and load profile study
  • Full scheme sizing and integration studies
  • 2x1000KVA Gas Generating Sets
  • Gas Fuel Train, Heat Exchangers and Remote
  • Radiators
  • Control system to interface with existing equipment
  • Complete Plant Room Design
  • Shipping and Transport to Srimangal
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
“More tea, Vicar?” Well lots and lots of it actually! WARDPOWER were tasked with designing a complete power system for operation in the steaming highlands of North Eastern Bangladesh