National Grid - LVAC Renewal

South Manchester

Working for the Electricity Alliance (Central) and providing a complete LVAC “One Stop Shop”, this really was a significant job. To be carried on in the background to major supergrid works on the site, WARDPOWER’s  role was to renew the LVAC system on the site completely. This included:
  • Design of the LV Scheme including Protection and Grading Studies
  • Sizing, design, manufacture and installation of a 500KVA Type Registered Generating Set
  • De-commissioning and removal an existing 6 tank oil tank farm and existing plant room diesel generating set
  • Specification, procurement , installation and commissioning of a new Type Registered main LVAC board for the site
  • Replacement or migration of all LV power cabling on the site including up to 400mm main power cables and cables up to 400m long (hand pulled by 10 men)
  • Builders works to accommodate the new set and board
  • De-commissioning and removal of the existing LVAC board including removal of Asbestos situated in the board
  • Removal of asbestos found at several locations throughout the course of the project.
  • Removal of asbestos found at several locations throughout the course of the project.
  • Replacement of cabling and switchgear to the incoming transformers including removal and replacement of bitumen terminated cabling

And of course it wouldn’t be working in the National Grid environment without a few other challenges thrown in:

  • All works to be completed within a five month window
  • All LV supplies to remain available at all times (only achieved by the use of temporary boards and so much manipulation of circuits that it would have stumped a professional 3 cup trick man)
  • All works to facilitate the works on the SGT circuits going on simultaneously.
  • Adherence to the strictest of SHE cultures and a rigours Design Assurance process

So did we do it? YES! The End of Project Closing dinner on the 17th December celebrated a successful completion, all work done in the time, no outages, inside budget with efficiency savings identified and shared with the client team.

Said WARDPOWER’s Managing Director Keith Marshall “This was probably the biggest single LV project that we have ever undertaken. Not only was it a project with a variety of technical challenges but in an environment that itself was full of challenges with so many different contractors working in such close proximity and performing so many potentially dangerous activities. It’s a huge tribute to Vicky and her team and shows just what makes WARDPOWER an awful lot more than a Generating Set Company.