Nigeria Pipes – Kano


It’s over 40 years since WARDPOWER’s longest standing customer bought their first Generating set in 1975 primarily to act as a standby to the NEPA mains supply. Since then they have installed a further six WARDPOWER Generating Sets, ranging from 312KVA to 1000KVA. Due to the expansion of their operation and the unreliable mains their latest generators are used as Prime Power …365 days a year.

Nigeria Pipes are truly a Nigerian success story. They manufacture a varied range of pipes using modern computer controlled extrusion lines, have cornered the local markets and now export to several other West African countries – order books are full and their 24/7 operation is totally reliant on the power supply from their WARDPOWER Generating Sets. 

In 2014 following an earlier site visit by our Chairman Bob Linley, Nigeria Pipes decided it was time to replace one of their existing “work horses”. Based on the load profile and further expansion, it was determined that a machine around 900 KVA was required. Bear in mind the extreme temperatures and humidity in Kano, it wasn’t quite so straight forward as that, so WARDPOWER proposed a set of 924KVA derated at site conditions to 876KVA. A free standing control panel, along with a changeover panel were supplied, all to ensure a smooth interface with the existing equipment.

But of course, that was by no means the end of it. Design of the building was undertaken in conjunction with the client to ensure ventilation, exhaust flows and fuel delivery could be achieved. The power and control cables were also supplied and the whole lot packaged up and secured into a 20” shipping container and transported to site.

WARDPOWER engineers met the Generating Set at site for installation and full commissioning, ensuring the integrity of the complete system, and of course no unscheduled outages.

WARDPOWER are no strangers to export. Our Chairman has been doing it longer than he’ll admit to and we’re fairly sure the list of countries we’ve not supplied to is shorter than the ones we have! No matter how remote the site, how harsh the conditions or difficult the terrain to get there, if we’ve not overcome it yet, it’s just a matter of time.

‘A very old friend’ who’s been coming back for more since 1975!