Generating Sets

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

United Kingdom

The existing Generating Set at the Hospital was removed and replaced with 2 off 808KVA Generating Sets to provide emergency backup power in the event of mains failure. 

The works were to be performed under Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 1994 with WARDPOWER undertaking the roles of Sub‐Contractor to NG Bailey Ltd.

The design process involved detailed site surveys and sizing studies to determine not only the exact requirements of the Hospital but that the proposed equipment and services would fit and perform correctly in the very limited available space.

Particular attention was made to ensuring that the “Scheme” provided sufficient access to ventilation air in and out to enable the Engines to operate without overheating.

It was also imperative that the Wardpower design met very detailed and specific project specifications as well as adhering to NHS standards and protocols. 

All the design data risk assessments and environmental impact studies were submitted within a comprehensive Engineering Pack and subjected to a rigorous approval process.

The initial site works commenced with the removal of the original generating set, not an easy job bearing in mind the site is immediately adjacent to one of Sheffield’s major and very busy arterial roads! Careful traffic management and close cooperation with the local authorities ensured a smooth start, these early works included the disposal of redundant services and waste items. 

The 2 off 808 KVA WARDPOWER MTU Diesel engine‐driven Generating Sets and associated equipment were designed, manufactured and fully tested at our works in Sheffield, including Primary Injection Testing of the Set mounted breakers.

The installation programme started to roll and the plant room was transformed into a 2 hour fire rated, acoustically treated room, designed to achieve 78dB(A)@1m.

Due to the restricted space, the Generating Set and all associated equipment had to be designed and built specifically for installation – the enormous box silencers (shown left) were installed via ‘temporary works’ hung from the ceiling and lowered onto a support frame when the Generating Sets were in final position. The base tanks and bunds were designed to not only ensure the running time required but also low enough to so the stack pipes could be fitted and tall enough for structural strength. Simple it was not!

The only “true” test of a Generating Set scheme performance is to carry out a site acceptance test in conjunction with commissioning trials.

The whole installation, including the changeover board (by others) was successfully tested and commissioned during which not only the performance of the Generating Sets were monitored but also noise level, vibration, exhaust system, load acceptance, fuel delivery/consumption and air flows – all in accordance with our extensive test protocols and the Clients’…..….and only then is the system ready for the client to take over.

The entire project was managed professionally and in a safe environment for other trades working on site, hospital staff and passing members of the public.

Shortly after the handover (March 2015) our late Managing Director, Keith Marshall received a call from the Trust to inform him that the Hospital had experienced a power failure whilst a young child was being operated on. The Generating Sets had kicked in perfectly, thus ensuring that the operation could continue without interruption. The Generating Sets ran and supported the hospital’s equipment for the duration of the outage before the mains’ power was restored.

Always a moment of genuine pride when a client takes the trouble to pass on such rewarding news! 

This project demonstrated the performance and reliability of our Generating Sets as well as our expertise in providing a “tailor‐made” solution to meet a client’s very specific requirement.

Project in Brief:

  • Sub‐ Contractor and Designer under the CDM
  • Regulations
  • Full scheme sizing and protection studies.
  • Withdrawal of Existing Generating Set
  • 2 off 808KVA Prime Rated Generating Sets
  • Plant Room Acoustics
  • Installation works
  • Commissioning