Generating Sets

“All men are created equal”
Thomas Jefferson

Fortunately for us, the same is certainly not true of generating sets. By choosing Wardpower you’re choosing a team that will provide you with the finest quality bespoke diesel, biodiesel or natural gas engine Generating Sets ranging anywhere from 50KVa to 3MVA. 


Whether you have space or sound restrictions, require a multi-set system or need to synchronise with the National Grid mains, we can provide the right solution. And if you don’t know what you need, we can help with that too.

  • Diesel, biodiesel and natural gas generating sets 
  • Multi-set, Offshore, CHP and DC systems 
  • Experts in providing mains parallel (G59 compliant) sets
  • High reliability sets for critical applications and remote locations
  • Available with a range of options including acoustic packaging, remote cooling and fire suppression systems
  • We can adapt any (or every part) of the design to meet your specific needs