Site Servicing

“Lots of folk confuse bad management with destiny”

Kim Hubbard

When something goes wrong it’s easier to say that you were unfortunate, or that it couldn’t be foreseen. At Wardpower we don’t buy this. 

There’s no point investing in the right equipment (and putting it in the right place) if you’re not going to look after it properly.

All maintenance and servicing is a form of Risk Management. Having invested in a Power System, whether it be for emergency standby or base load, your investment is at risk as is your operation, if your power system is not serviced in line with the required regime.

If your Generating plant is an emergency backup in case of mains failure, then it is only a key factor in your resilience strategy if it is maintained in full operational condition.

If you have a base load, peak lopping or mains export system then failing to carry out the required maintenance will very quickly lead to faults and eventually total breakdown.

A common misconception regarding the need for regular servicing is that 500-1000 hours is not a lot of running on a machine that should give you circa 100,000 hours. We point out that if you drove your car for 1000 hours at an average speed of 50miles /hr, then you would travel 50,000 miles, enough to circumnavigate the world with a couple of detours. Of course you would expect to have to change oil, tyres, brakes, filters etc. An engine will not reach anything like its maximum lifespan unless it has been serviced.

On emergency systems, we recommend that as part of a regular service regime, the sets are run at least every month preferably on load, thus ensuring that the system is in tip top condition 'tip top, ready to go'. We design systems with on board in line loads banks that will exercise the Generating Sets on a predetermined timer.

Protect your investment by arranging a service schedule with Wardpower, tailored to suit your system and provide maximum reliability and peace of mind.

Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a small selection of our recent projects completed for Site Servicing: